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Cases where party is a Patent Asserter

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Cases where party is an Alleged Infringer

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# Title Civil Action Venue Filing Date Asserter Categories Patent Asserter Alleged Infringer
1 API Technologies, LLC v. Facebook, Inc. et al 2:09-cv-00147 E.D.Tex.
  • 1 Acquired patents
2 Zamora Radio, LLC v., Ltd. et al 1:09-cv-20940 S.D.Fla.
  • 1 Acquired patents
3 Stragent, LLC v. Nokia Inc. et al 2:08-cv-00293 E.D.Tex.
  • 1 Acquired patents
4 Valueclick, Inc. v. AOL Inc and Platform-A Inc 2:08-cv-04619 C.D.Cal.
  • 8 Product company
5 Performance Pricing, Inc. v. Google Inc. et al 2:07-cv-00432 E.D.Tex.
  • 1 Acquired patents
6 CREATIVE INTERNET ADVERTISING CORPORATION v. Yahoo! Inc et al 6:07-cv-00354 E.D.Tex.
  • 1 Acquired patents
7 Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing, L.P. v. Time Warner Cable Inc. et al 1:06-cv-00546 D.Del.
  • 5 Individual-inventor-started