The Stanford NPE Litigation Database is a public resource, designed in part to be used by scholars when conducting empirical research in their respective fields. This Publications page lists research papers that have used the data from the Stanford NPE Litigation Database in their analysis. We hope that the data available on this website will continue to be used for innovative and exciting research that informs public policy. If you do not see your research paper listed below and believe that it should be, or you have any questions regarding this page, please contact Katelyn Meylor (
Title of Publication Author(s) Link Date of Publication
Patent Thickets and Mergers and Acquisitions
Who Appeals (and Wins) Patent Infringement Cases?
The Effect of Patent Trolling on Innovation
Continuation Patents and Litigation
The Contagion of Patent Litigation Concerns
Escaping the Patent Trolls: The Impact of Non-Practicing Entity Litigation on Firm Innovation Strategies
Litigation versus spillovers
Patent Enforcement and Subsequent Innovation
Continuing Patent Applications at the USPTO
An Empirical Test of Patent Hold-Out Theory: Evidence from Litigation of Standard Essential Patents
Do Patent-Trolls Cause the High-Tech Firms to Delist?
The AIA at Ten - How Much Do the Pre-AIA Prior Art Rules Still Matter?
Patent Aggregation in Europe: The Spotlight on Patent Licensing by Patent Aggregators
Patent Validity and Litigation: Evidence from U.S. Inter Partes Review
Do Standard-Essential Patent Owners Behave Opportunistically? Evidence from U.S. District Court Dockets
Corporate innovation linkages and firm boundaries
Does Alice Target Patent Trolls?
An Empirical Study of Design Patent Litigation
An IPO Pitfall: Patent Lawsuits
Patents & Legal Expenditures
Understanding Patent “Privateering”: A Quantitative Assessment
How Essential Are Standard-Essential Patents?
Predicting Administrative Patent Challenges
The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence from NPEs
Who’s Suing Us? Decoding Patent Plaintiffs since 2000 with the Stanford NPE Litigation Dataset
Will Delaware Be Different? An Empirical Study of TC Heartland and the Shift to Defendant Choice of Venue
Introduction to the Stanford NPE Litigation Dataset
Defensive and offensive acquisition services in the market for patents