Polar Electro, Inc.

Cases where party is a Patent Asserter

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Cases where party is an Alleged Infringer

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# Title Civil Action Venue Filing Date Asserter Categories Patent Asserter Alleged Infringer
1 Healthness LLC v. Polar Electro Inc. 1:23-cv-01762 S.D.N.Y.
2 SportBrain Holdings Inc. v. Polar Electro Inc. USA 1:14-cv-00553 D.Del.
  • 12 IP subsidiary of product company
3 Icon Health and Fitness Inc v. Polar Electro Oy et al 8:13-cv-01066 C.D.Cal.
  • 8 Product company
4 Body Science LLC v. Polar Electro Inc. 1:12-cv-11668 D.Mass.
  • 1 Acquired patents
5 In Re: Body Science LLC Patent Litigation 1:12-md-02375 D.Mass.
  • 8 Product company
6 Body Science LLC v. Polar Electro Inc. 2:12-cv-01478 E.D.N.Y.
  • 1 Acquired patents
7 PhatRat Technology, Inc. v. Polar Electro, Inc. et al 1:06-cv-01100 D.Colo.
  • 8 Product company
8 Realage, Inc. v. Healthfirst Corporation et al 1:05-cv-04390 S.D.N.Y.
  • 8 Product company